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Permia Sensing is a startup company in formation from Imperial College London in the United Kingdom. Imperial College is consistently ranked in the top 10 universities world wide and the technology being used at Permia was refined and developed over a period of 12 years.

If you have the resources to provide Red Palm Weevil detection services in a local area with our portable solution, please register to start a discussion.

How it works:

(1) You will employ people to do routine checks in subscribing farms. We will provide you the required number of portable detectors and a protocol to test each tree to ensure a standard quality of service.

(2) You sign service agreements with coconut or palm growers in a given area to do periodic tests. To give you an idea, a hectare of a coconut farm has about 64 trees and 18 baby trees. Red Palm Weevil (RPW) attack these baby trees. If the infestation can be detected within the first 2-weeks, a chemical treatment can be effective. Therefore, we recommend testing each baby tree every 2-weeks.

(3) We will provide you the latest technology from our continuous R&D and you will agree to share with us all RPW soundtracks with their GPS locations recorded by our mobile app to support the on-going R&D.

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